Veritas College Preparatory Charter School prepares Memphis students in grades six through eight to excel in high school and college as accomplished scholars and to contribute to their communities as ethical leaders.


At Veritas College Preparatory Charter School (“Veritas Prep”) we envision an academically rigorous, well-disciplined, student-achievement driven school in which expert teachers prepare, deliver, and assess instruction that is driven by student performance data. Teachers and students will work within a safe and highly structured environment that is conducive to high student achievement, and in which scholarship, respect, and strength of character are modeled by staff, demonstrated by students, and valued by all. This school model is designed to produce two outcomes:

  • Students who are academically prepared to enter and excel in high school and beyond.
  • Students who demonstrate ethical character.

Within the Veritas Prep vision, success can only be measured in terms of our students’ academic success and development of character. Veritas Prep will follow national models of highly successful urban education and will be informed by the most salient educational research and proven best practices. Our curriculum will focus on the core academic subjects of reading, writing, mathematics, sciences, and social studies and impel our college preparatory mission for every student. In this dynamic and unique learning environment, we will live out our beliefs that:

  • All students can learn at high levels when outstanding teachers prepare and execute academically rigorous lessons in a highly structured environment.
  • Frequent objective assessments are necessary to determine a student’s mastery of curriculum objectives and to inform future instruction.
  • Academic mastery of grade-level objectives is necessary for promotion.

Excellent schools equip their students with academic and ethical tools to contribute to their communities as leaders.